File Description
Keystone Web Installer Installer for Keystone Web software. Current Version:

Updates in
  • Address several registration issues

Updates in
  • Improved Active Directory sync
  • Fixed user permissions page from crashing with duplicate location names
  • Improved data cleanup post-KS600 migration

Updates in
  • Improved installer-now allows direct upgrading from any previous version
  • Improved migrations from Keystone_600
  • Improved configuration allowing ease in technical support and after-install changes
  • Removed character restrictions and allowed special characters in all text entry fields
  • Improved error messages
  • Various bug fixes
  • Addition of Global Settings to user interface
  • Addition of backup path configuration to user interface

Keystone Migration Tool This file converts legacy Keystone 600 N5 database to the new Keystone Web format. Download this file to migrate your data into Keystone Web software. Download
Getting Started Guide This document contains instructions for installing the Keystone Web software. Download
User Guide This document explains how to perform daily activities in Keystone Web. Download
Update Guide This document contains instructions for upgrading previous versions of Keystone Web software. Download
Training View the training courses available to learn Keystone Web software. Visit